American Boards Trucker Hat

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Our American Boards patriotic design features an American Flag concept with red surfboards and white space in between as the stripes, and white palm trees set in a blue background as the stars. Not just for the standard American holidays, this hat is a year-round favorite!

  • 5 panel trucker hat
  • Snapback for adjustable fit
– Based off the average head circumference, by age (50th percentile growth chart)
– Measure in centimeters around the child’s head just above the eyebrows

Infant  6 -18 months (45-49 cm) 
Toddler 18 months - 5 years (49-53 cm) 
Youth 5 -10 years (53-57 cm)
                    We'll be happy to provide you exact measurements of in-stock pieces. Call us at 713.485.6265 during store hours.