3-in-1 Glow in The Dark Army Robot Build Set | AlphaZor, 245 Pc

$ 25.00

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When the fighting gets tough, AlphaZor gets tougher, Oorah! An excellent gift for kid builders who love to design and create their own heroes. With three forms to choose from (Robot, Raptor, Attack Chopper) to turn the tide of the war!

Boys and girls ages 6 through 11 that enjoy creative play and imagination will love this building set. With a wide variety of bricks and blocks to choose from and stickers to decorate with, your AlphaZor will bring a unique style to any play session. Unlike other toys, it comes with it's own storage box, safely keep and transport your soldier to wherever his next mission is!

AlphaZor isn't all brawn and no brains, with Glow in The Dark stickers, you can suit him up for stealthy missions making sure failure isn't an option when fighting against evil!

What's included:

  • 1 Sturdy Plastic Storage Box
  • 245 Building Bricks
  • 1 Child-Friendly Instruction Booklet
  • 1 Brick Separator Tool
  • 1 Set of Glow in The Dark Stickers
  • Made with Non-Toxic Plastic and BPA Free

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