Learn by Sticker : More Phonics Activity Book

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Learn by Sticker: More Phonics combines the most powerful features of two best-selling series (Paint by Sticker Kids® and Brain Quest®) into one, fun curriculum-based resource. This activity-packed sticker book for children ages 6 and up provides phonics practice while creating images of ten sea animals, one sticker at a time.

In Learn by Sticker: More Phonics, kids apply second grade-level phonics concepts (including final blends, hard and soft sounds, long vowels, and diphthongs) to complete words and determine where to place each sticker to create sticker images of ten sea animals. On the back of each sticker page, kids extend their learning with fun, phonics-related, critical thinking activities like decoding secret messages, unscrambling words, solving crosswords, and more.

On SaleMay 21, 2024
Page Count44 pages