Alisson One Piece Swimsuit | Azahar de Cidro

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One piece swimsuit with our FLOR DE AZAHAR print with sleeve and neck ruffles and back zipper. Made of quick-drying UPF50+ fabric. Made in Colombia


Pepita makes very high quality products meant to last for many many years.
Kids will very likely outgrow their garments long before their colors start to fade. Finding second and third lives for your Pepita&Me clothes reduces the amount of fabric that ends up in landfills. Pepita encourages kids to pass on their garments to other kids once they have outgrown them. It will give everyone a happy feeling inside and contribute to a more sustainable world. We make our own prints and design in a way that transcends fashion trends.

We'll be happy to provide you exact measurements of in-stock pieces. Call us at 713.485.6265 during store hours.