'Playtime!: A Tummy Time Play Book for Babies' | by Mama Makes Books

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Playtime! A book that turns tummy time into interactive playtime.Like our bestselling book, Tummy Time!, Playtime! folds out and stands up in front of newborns during the all-important tummy time - a practice encouraged by healthcare professionals to prevent flat spots on the back of the head, and to strengthen muscles in babies' necks and upper bodies. These early months are also when a baby's brain is developing faster than at any other time in their lives. Reading together is proven to accelerate language and literacy, giving children a head start in life. A newborn baby's world is a blur of light and dark and moving forms. They are attracted to high-contrast images, faces and movement, so this finger-wiggle book is a perfect first book. Make rabbit's ear prick up, puppy's tail wag, or turn your finger into a wiggly worm hiding somewhere on the wiggle train. Where will it pop out next?With babies turning their heads towards the movement, it helps build strength and flexibility, and gives parents a fun opportunity to engage with their babies face-to-face. The simple text introduces new vocabulary and encourages parents to read playfully with intonation, trumpeting loudly, like an elephant, or wagging the puppy's tail excitedly.Playtime is the third book in the internationally successful Tummy Time series, following Tummy Time! and Reading Time!

Format: 16 Pages
Language: English
Publisher: ‎Little Comet (March 5, 2024)