'The Bravest Lion' Book | by Kristen Griffin

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We all want to be brave. What if we already are? The Bravest Lion is a reassuring story for little ones (or not-so-little ones) about confronting common childhood fears and how to find the brave lion inside, who has been there all along. A wonderful children's book to introduce and heighten awareness for Social-emotional learning (SEL) in young children.

"The Bravest Lion by Kristen Griffin is an uplifting picture book for young children. Courage, bravery, and self-acceptance are the main features of this wonderful book. A young girl demonstrates how these things can present themselves in many different ways. You could have the courage to stand up to bullies, either for yourself or someone else, or even be brave enough to show your true emotions, without the fear of what people may think. All of these feelings are part of growing up, and having books like The Bravest Lion will help guide children through them, no matter how old they are." -Reader's Favorite